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About Us

B.G. Pavers is based in Preston, Lancashire, where we have our production factory, service department and stores department.

We have continuously manufactured in the UK since 1941. Our range of rubber tyred and crawler driven Paver Finishers provide paving widths from 1.0 metre to 12.0 metres with depths from 0 - 300mm +.

Our comprehensive model range includes 7 wheeled asphalt pavers and 6 tracked asphalt pavers.

The key benefits and key features of the BGP Paver range are:

  • Highly ergonomic
  • Innovative, modern and solid design technology
  • Rugged construction
  • Precision performance

Dedicated solely to the manufacture of BGP Asphalt Paver Finishers product, which ensures users of the BGP Product are supported by a company focused totally on their continual paving needs.

User friendly, simple maintenance, generous and easy access are key features in any BGP Paver built today, with a strong influence to provide complete customer satisfaction throughout the service life of the BGP paving unit.

Versatility and flexibility enables the BGP Paver Company to amend and alter standard build specification machines to be specifically tailored to match your exacting requirements, be that a country trend or an individual preference.