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Hopper Capacity12.0 tonnes including tunnel
Hydraulic System220 litres
Fuel Tank150 litres
Material Throughput
Production Rate460 TPH
Hydraulic Paving Width2.5 - 7.5m
Maximum Paving Width
Paving Depth0-300mm
Paving Speed0-29 m/min / 0-47 m/min
Travel Speed0-4.4 km/hr
Standard Engine
Engine ModelJCB turbocharged 4 cylinder diesel engine
Rated Output85 kW / 113 HP
Optional Engine
Engine ModelDeutz turbocharged 4 cylinder diesel engine
Rated Output84 kW / 111 HP


Available options for the BGP C14 Paver

  • Screed assist and lock system
  • Centralised lubrication system
  • Noise reduction kit
  • Lighting - Work and Travel
  • Ultrasonic material feed sensors
  • Contact and Non contact Screed Auto level controls
  • Travelling straightedge
  • Folding Canopy
  • Outboard seating position
  • Power crown
  • Electric heated screed
  • Floodlighting system
  • Hydraulic raise and lower auger
  • Automatic ignition and screed thermostatic temperature 
  • Multifoot levelling beam
  • Further options available on request


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