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BGP 200

BGP 200
Hopper Capacity8.0 tonnes including tunnel
Hydraulic System130 litres
Fuel Tank85 litres
Material Throughput
Production Rate180 TPH
Hydraulic Paving Width1.7 - 3.4m / 1.8 - 3.5m
Maximum Paving Width4.0m
Paving Depth0-200mm
Paving Speed0-68 m/min
Travel Speed0-15 km/hr
Standard Engine
Engine ModelJCB Dieselmax turbocharged
Rated Output55 kW / 73 HP

The BGP 200 paver provides an impressive performance in confined areas, making this model suitable for walkways, wider footpaths, cycle tracks, underground car parks and small roads. Features an independent brake locking system and excellent traction for an assured drive.

Available options for the BGP 200 Paver

  • Front wheel drive assist
  • Centralised lubrication system
  • Noise reduction kit
  • Lighting - Work and Travel
  • Ultrasonic material feed sensors
  • Contact and Non contact Screed Auto level controls
  • Travelling straightedge
  • Outboard seating position
  • Screed assist and lock system
  • Folding Canopy
  • Hydraulic raise and lower auger
  • Further options available on request


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